What is your address ?

This week’ lecture is about addresses. Whenever we create a variable it will have an address on ocmputer’s memory. When we create an integer, computer allocate 4 byte space for this integer. Which means 32 bits. If we want to express this value with binary form it would be so hard to follow. that’s why computer engineers create a new counting system called Hexadecimal. In hexadecimal we have 16 digit to express any number. As hexadecimals looks so similar to decimal numbers weuse 0x notation before we write hexadecimal number. As we can express more numbers with one digit, when…

Don’t hate it…

This lecture is all about algorithms. David started lecture with a flashback. In Week 0 David make an introduction to algorithms with an example of searching a name on a phonebook. And in this lecture he continue to explain algotihms with ne same example.

Algorithm, is sequencial instructions to solve a problem. According to this explanation it is obvious that there could be a several way to solve a problem. Also, David show 3 different way to solve the problem of find a name on a phonebook problem. First approach is look every single page to find the name. Second…

and more…

Lecture Summary

Lecture starts with Compliers. As David said, we look underneath the hood. He explains, what happened when you write “make something” on the command line. And explained what are compliers and how they works.

Another topic is debugging. He showed some ways to debugging code. Those are using printf() function to get some output from code. Another method is using breakpoints to check code line by line. And finally, he talked about rubber duck debugging. Which is about explain code to yourself loudly to understand where and how the problem occurs.

He then explains how computer uses memories and talked…

This is about how and why I have started to watch lectures of CS50.

I love the last part “Art of Programming”

Nowadays I am looking for an answer to a question. How to be a good Software Developer ? I have been studying IOS development for three years. I have also developed so many softwares with using MATLAB and Python. But all these softwares are for solving some of my engineering problems. Like calculating some output depending on the inputs or trying some new equation with some different situations. But as I want to change my career path to IOS Developer and started to do some applications, I felt like something is missing when I write codes.

How to be a GOOD Developer ?

I am sure there…

Second app that i have developed on IOS platform.

This is my second app on IOS platform. I support the idea that “The best way to learn is to make it”. So I open Xcode and create a new project with the name “CalculateMe”. And here we are a blank design and code page.

Smells of the Blank Pages of a New Project :)

This time i plan to make a Calculator app. It will be a simple calculator. It can make Summation, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division. Before start to code, I draw a very simple calculator on a screen. There will be Buttons for Numbers, Calculations(Sum, Subtraction ,etc.), Reset…

First IOS Project


My first story in medium was about machine learning field. And it was 10 months ago. During this time, i had a new enthusiasm. IOS Development. It all starts with i bought a new Iphone 6s. I liked the design and the community of Apple system. And i decided to develop something in this community.

I had a Dell 5110 notebook which is 9 years old. It still works fine of course with SSD support. I deploy a Virtual MacOs enviroment to install XCode and start IOS Development. But the results were not good…

How i started Data Science and First Experience.

Image taken from Pexel Gavin Tracy

Beginning of the Journey

After working as Electronic Engineer, I was interested in Data Science field . I have started to search for Moocs about this field. Here is the list that I found helpful in my journey,

All these courses explain core machine learning algorithms. Also, in Coursera’s Machine Learning course Andrew NG explained the mathematical background of these algorithms. If you want to learn what Machine Learning is and the way that you can use it, i strongly suggest you to take these entire three courses.

As I have learned…


Data Science Enthusias, IOS Development

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